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What is Alpha Kappa Psi?

Who we are: AKPsi is the oldest, most prestigious, principled co-ed business organization in the country. Alpha Kappa Psi is recognized as the premier developer of principled business leaders, and for the past 100 years we have done just that. Our Alumni list boasts easily recognizable business and political leaders such as Ronald Reagan, J.W. Marriott, Steve Forbes, Lee Lacocca, J.C. Penny, Sam Walton and many more.

What we stand for: Alpha Kappa Psi strives to embrace different backgrounds and viewpoints by respecting and uploading all aspects of diversity and inclusion; through brotherhood, members are encouraged to exemplify these values in order to foster unity, value integrity, and promote individual growth. 

What we do: Alpha Kappa Psi prides itself on its balance of brotherhood and professional development. We have professional development events, alumni networking, and we put on the Career Fair for all of CMU as well. Other events focus on building brotherhood within the chapter such as IM sports, brotherhood week, and service events, as well as two formals during the school year. The best part is that all of our events are coordinated by the membership! There are so many opportunities for growth within the chapter as there is a leadership opportunity available for everyone.

Leadership Opportunities: We have 10 executive board positions and countless committees that allow leadership positions for anyone! Many of these positions include networking with Central Michigan University, the College of Business, local businesses, Fortune 500 companies, and many more.

Build Lasting Friendships: Our fraternity’s strong sense of brotherhood is what sets us apart from any other business RSO at Central Michigan University. Not only will you meet a diverse group of people, but you’ll be creating long lasting friendships and connections for the future.

Our Core Values

Networking Opportunities: Alpha Kappa Psi has the oldest and most extensive alumni network of all of the business fraternities in the United States. Our connections with our alumni allow our brothers great networking possibilities, including internship and job opportunities. We are constantly utilizing and building connections to businesses in Mount Pleasant and the surrounding area to gain knowledge from professionals in multiple fields. Each semester, we partner with Career Services to bring 100+ companies to campus for the career fair.


AKPsi revolves around developing brotherhood and broadening networks. We believe that you cannot grow within the confines of your comfort zone. Brotherhood keeps us together and helps us develop the integral teamwork and relationship building.  It sets us apart because we learn and grow from one another.  We are a family.


The Fall 2019 pledge class at Papa's Pumpkin Patch


Knowledge truly is power.  At Alpha Kappa Psi, we believe that curiosity is essential to an successful individual.  We pride ourselves on our knack for asking the right questions and finding new solutions to each obstacle we are faced with.  Knowledge gives us the strength to not only continue learning, but to push forward as well.


Brothers competed in a 2022 Fall competition


As the premier developer of principled business leaders, members of Alpha Kappa Psi hold high the value of integrity.  Our moral code is unlike any other's, and we strive to do what is best for ourselves, but also for those around us.  We hold ourselves to the highest of ideals.


Brothers attend the PBLI conference in Chicago


AKPsi members proudly allocate their time to helping those who need it most.  At our chapter, we host the career fair each semester in order to give those who struggle with finding a chance.  We also give back to the community, working with non-profits such as the Isabella Restoration House or the Stand Up for Kids Foundation.


Brothers put on the Career Fair at CMU 



At AKPsi, we strive to be more than just a membership.  We become family.  We are more than just individual members.  Our fraternity is the culmination and development of all of us, as one cohesive unit.  WE ARE ALPHA KAPPA PSI.

Brothers competing in the Battle of the Business RSOs

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